Urban Planning

I hold a Master of Planning, Urban Development from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). I have interests in urban design, housing, active transportation, transit, and parks. I received the Social Science and Humanities Research Council Canada Graduate Scholarship, the most prestigious graduate scholarship. My major research paper (MRP) The Time is Ripe: New financial tools for the City of Toronto’s Parkland Dedication Rate has influenced parks policy in Toronto-area municipalities. The MRP received the Minto Planning Best Sustainability-Led Award in November 2022. I am also the Executive Director of A Voice for Transit, an advocacy group addressing overcrowding, delays, and transit equity in Toronto.

During my career as a research analyst, I found the middle path between financial and non-financial information to identify risks and opportunities. These insights are applicable to urban planning projects. Key differentiators are my quantitative analysis and critical thinking skills honed during my socially-responsible investing career. I am open to opportunities across Canada, Latin America, and Europe.

The Urban Hulk offers the following services:

  • Planning Justification Reports / Planning Rationales
  • Site planning
  • Pro Formas
  • Systems mapping
  • Public engagement strategies
  • Research and insights on urban planning and public policy concerns

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