Letter to City of Vaughan Council re: Municipal Housing Pledge – March 7, 2023

This letter was submitted to the City of Vaughan’s Committee of the Whole meeting on March 8, 2023, Item #13. For more on the Missing Middle, read my blog post from January 30, 2023. Implementing the province’s housing pledge must emphasize development that does not encourage sprawl, which would risk placing future financial pressure onContinue reading “Letter to City of Vaughan Council re: Municipal Housing Pledge – March 7, 2023”

Imagining The Missing Middle In Vaughan

By: Jean-François Obregón January 30, 2023 Cities like my hometown Vaughan, Ontario, Canada are defined by single-detached homes with backyards. An increase in condominium construction in recent years has changed the skyline but, there is little in-between. Many young people move to exurban municipalities because that is where they can afford a house. Given aContinue reading “Imagining The Missing Middle In Vaughan”

Letter to City of Toronto Executive Committee – July 12, 2022

Today, the City of Toronto’s Executive Committee will be deciding whether to provide staff with more time to consult on a new Alternative Parkland Dedication Rate. Staff’s proposed rate would yield more parkland from development as it is based on density than the current Alternative Parkland Dedication Rate, which is based on site size. StaffContinue reading “Letter to City of Toronto Executive Committee – July 12, 2022”

Biodiversity Finance for Cities

Download the one-pager here. Download the full report here. In early-2020, I wondered how financial markets could help achieve positive conservation outcomes. I worried about disappearing forests and animals. I approached my manager at Sustainalytics pitching an article about conservation finance. Global green bond issuances had come off another record-breaking year reaching USD 257.7 billionContinue reading “Biodiversity Finance for Cities”

Wetlands In the Balance?

Not wasting a crisis? Chances are you have taken more walks in nature during the pandemic than ever before. Yet the Ford government has loosened protections to facilitate construction in environmentally-sensitive lands in or close to the Greenbelt. Policies promoting this activity have accelerated during COVID-19 with Ministerial Zoning Orders being issued to speed upContinue reading “Wetlands In the Balance?”