The Thrive concept for Downtown Oakland, California neighbourhood was submitted for the Urban Land Institute Hines Student Competition in January 2022. Our submission was a joint project between Toronto Metropolitan University and University of Florida graduate students. Credit is shared with Maryam Basti, Anne Benaroya, Stephen Berniker, Alix Fleming, and Jean-François Obregón Murillo.

An awareness-raising poster on the Ontario government’s Ministerial Zoning Orders (MZOs) that facilitate development on provincially significant wetlands. MZOs do not consider municipal consultation from council, staff or citizens. December 2020.

Duffins Creek (Credit: “File:Duffins Creek – panoramio (1).jpg” by deltawhiskybravo is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0)

A design atlas / brochure of the Bathurst Manor neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada. There are population density maps, housing typologies with mapping, demographic analysis, and more. December 2020.

A poster showing an equity-based analysis of service levels on a York Region Transit bus route during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. February 2021.

Credit: Jean-François Obregón
Credits: City of Toronto, ArcGIS Pro, Jean-François Obregón


Biodiversity finance for cities: The time is ripe for new financial tools for urban parks (Ontario Professional Planners Institute Y Magazine – Fall 2022)
Paying for Parkland (Novae Res Urbis Toronto, Rahul Gupta, June 24, 2022)
The Time Is Ripe: New financial tools for the City of
Toronto’s Parkland Dedication Rate (Master’s Major Research Paper) (Ecological Design Lab, Toronto Metropolitan University – April 2022)

Link to research

Circular Investing (Sustainalytics – January 2021)
Insuring a Volatile Planet (Sustainalytics – January 2020)
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