hulk -intr.v. 1. To loom or rise in a towering or impressive fashion. (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 1973)

The time is ripe for ambition on parkland acquisition in Toronto

Download the “Time is Ripe” report here. This blog is cross-posted on the Prof. Nina-Marie Lister’s Ecological Design Lab website. “Amsterdam is known for its canals. Why can’t Toronto be known for its ravines?”, asks Philip Jessup, ex-Executive Director of The Atmospheric Fund. Many have sought refuge in parks during the closures and public healthContinue reading “The time is ripe for ambition on parkland acquisition in Toronto”

Wealthsimple Recap

On January 12, 2021, I gave a lunch and learn session to Wealthsimple staff about my career and The Urban Hulk’s focus. My ambitions are to look at the intersection of responsible investment and urban planning. I spoke about how investors can address deforestation, coastal infrastructure and ecological resilience. A green bond is a fixedContinue reading “Wealthsimple Recap”

Wetlands In the Balance?

Not wasting a crisis? Chances are you have taken more walks in nature during the pandemic than ever before. Yet the Ford government has loosened protections to facilitate construction in environmentally-sensitive lands in or close to the Greenbelt. Policies promoting this activity have accelerated during COVID-19 with Ministerial Zoning Orders being issued to speed upContinue reading “Wetlands In the Balance?”

Ivey MBA Session Recap

On September 15, 2020, I had the pleasure and privileged to be a guest speaker in Professor Nadine de Gannes’s session on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). It was part of an MBA elective on Responsible Governance offered at the Ivey Business School at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. I participated in a panelContinue reading “Ivey MBA Session Recap”


A city in between phases. Much has been written about Detroit’s renaissance in recent years. Urbanists have been going for its urban gardening movement and its arts scene. I decided to see what the fuss was about. In spring 2019, I visited the Motor City and was pleasantly surprised by its urban charm. However, IContinue reading “Detroit”

What is the Urban Hulk?

A slide as part of your commute. An electric van. Frugal bus lanes. Medellín. Ghent. Lima. These cities have inspired a passion for city-building. I’ve always wondered how my hometown – Toronto – can benefit from innovations around the world. The opposite is also true as I am keen on bringing homegrown innovations to theContinue reading “What is the Urban Hulk?”

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